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Interesting features on the site:

  • Red hearts below photos. You can always check your psychological compatibility with women. If you see all red hearts below the main photo of a russian woman it means a good compatibility, pink ones - an average compatibility, violet ones - bad compatibility.
  • "If You Like Me?" game. Start playing popular game on our site. Matches in the game mean mutual attraction between you and the women whom you liked. It is a new and unusual way of meeting!
  • Hiding your profile. Do you want to hide your profile from general viewing? Use the function "Hiding your profile". Only those people who vote for your photos in photo contests and those whom you write by yourself will be able to see it.

Tips for men: How to meet easily

Do not try to get as many contacts as you can. Better to find normal, real contacts.

There are lots of ways to start conversation with lady. If you are confused, then try to start talking with:

  • 1. Compliment her taste of music or movies, such step works very good: “ I would be very interested to know your mind about [name of movie], I meet the girl who likes it first time in my life (I found out about it from your profile)”.
  • 2. You always can talk about travelling.
  • 3. You can talk about drinks or food that both of you like. You can talk about your job, career, about hobby. Talk about your friends.
  • 4. Put a good portion of humor in your attitude to everything. Make jokes if it is proper time for joke. Do not become boring.
  • 5. Do not complain about your life or other people.
  • 6. A lot of men make mistake thinking that in communication with russian girls they should be ingratiating. It is better to stop acting according to some templates. Just be yourself.
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Russian dating club

Signs of attention

  • There are several tools on our free dating site "Girls from Russia" which help to show attention:
  • Wink.
  • Icebreakers - short standard phrases to start conversation with.
  • Vast catalogue of postcards on different subjects and for different occasions.
  • Catalogue of postcards is very popular on the site. Here you can find different postcards to express love or being in love. One can show his/her emotions via postcards: joy, sadness. Register on our free dating site and feel the joy of communication.


All Russian girls are romantic - the God has created them like that. Beautiful flowers, nice music, tender words will definitely make a girl happy. If your heart is filled with love show it to your girl. Red roses mean passion, white lilies - tenderness, bunch of flowers of different colours - explosion of emotions.


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Personal consultation

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During communication on the site try to avoid conflict situations and mutual negative emotions. You came here in search of happiness, not in search of bad emotions!!!

If some contact is not pleasant for you you can always block him/her.

Free chat

  • • Is live communication more interesting for you than letters?
  • • Do you consider chats to be an efficient way of meeting?
  • • Then our chat is for you!

Photo contests

The purpose of the contests is to attract more attention of opposite sex to your profile.

"Who viewed my profile?" feature

You can always see who opened your profile and viewed it. Do not forget to send messages to your visitors to thank them for visit. Maybe it will be a first step for starting of the dialogue. If you are looking through profiles of Russian girls, but you do not want them to know about it, then use the feature of hiding your profile.

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Girls from Russia
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